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A Couple of Kootenay Classics with A Couple of Coastal Classics: II. Ymir Mountain
Timestamp Free: 2019.09.17 - 00:51:25
Ranges: North America Ranges / Columbia Mountains / Selkirk Mountains / Nelson Range
  (1 days)
Participants: Doug Brown, Sandra McGuinness, Betsy Waddington, Robin Tivy. ATES = challenging
A ski tour to the top of Ymir Mountain and a wet, heavy descent down Ymir Bowl by the Ymir Peak Bench route.
After skiing up Old Glory Mountain the day before, a Nelson area classic - Ymir Mountain - was on the agenda providing a short day with an interesting traverse over the mountain from west to north and stunning views of the Nelson, Valhalla and Kokanee Ranges from the summit. The ski resort was closed for the season and the parking lot empty as we skinned up the runs to gain the west ridge a couple of kilometres from the summit at GR895755.

A party had been up the day before us and a good track led east, skirting a small bump on the ridge to the col below the final ski to the top. This col is the jumping off spot for skiing "West Ymir", a steep slack-country run that descends into Ymir bowl. We had already crossed the entries for the popular "Prospector" and "Hummer" slack-country chutes. [photo]ymir_col.jpg[caption]Doug and Robin overlooking Ymir Bowl below the final skin to the summit[/photo]

The above average snowpack in 2012 meant that the skin up the west ridge of Ymir was far easier than normal with all the usual wind-rolls smoothed out and skinning up was as easy as I've ever seen it. After the initial steep climb, the ridge levels out and you cross over the top of a couple of other short but popular gullies (First Choice and Dogleg) that lead into Ymir bowl. [photo]betsy.jpg[caption]Betsy nearing the summit[/photo]

As seems normal on these trips, bright sunshine gave way to clouds and wind when we sat down for lunch on the summit. Nevertheless, we spent a half hour on top before preparing to descend via a route known as Ymir Peak Bench.

A short but in some conditions intimidating traverse across the east face leads to a notch in the north ridge about 40 metres below the summit. From this notch a prominent and...

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