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Escape From the Bonnington Range
Timestamp Free: 2020.03.29 - 06:24:14
Ranges: North America Ranges / Columbia Mountains / Selkirk Mountains / Bonnington Range
  (4 days)
Participants: Sandra McGuinness, Bob McQueen, Jonas Furger. ATES challenging, some short steep slopes to 35 to 40 degrees.
A four day traverse across the Bonnington Range with an exit down 49 Creek.
Preamble: In 2012, I ran what I now presume will be my last KMC trip across the Bonnington Range. From the start, the trip was plagued with difficulties, beginning with an extraordinary number of drop-outs. From a fully booked trip with a wait list, I ended up two days before the trip with just three people committed. The reasons for canceling ranged from the reasonable (broken leg) to the ridiculous (can't get a ride), but truthfully, most were people who just decided, for whatever reason, they didn't feel like going. Perhaps, on a four day trip, weeding these folks out at the beginning is best.

Day 1: Bombi Summit to Grassy Hut
The hardest part of skiing into the Grassy Hut is the sheer drudgery of skinning up the well-sledded Munson Road towards the cabin. There are numerous routes to take, I usually follow the main road system to km 6.3, where a spur road exits to the east. A short distance up this road, we stopped for lunch and I discovered that my puff-sweater was in the back of the truck which Doug had driven back to Blewett. Luckily, Bob had one of those "smart" phones that does everything but bake bread, and I called Doug at home and inveigled him into driving back and skiing up the road to meet me with my puff jacket.

Despite tarrying as long as possible and leaving my skins on for the ski back, I didn't meet up with Doug until I was only one kilometre from the highway, adding 11 km to my ski day, all of it on the tedious Munson road system.

With my puff jacket tied around my waist, I hoofed it back to my pack, ate and drank a little, then skinned quickly up to the pass between South Grassy and Grassy, popping out, either by good luck or good management, right above the Grassy Hut. My companions had continued on without me, but I didn't...

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