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Vicuna - North East Ridge
Timestamp Free: 2020.08.12 - 09:47:32
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Cascade Range / Canadian Cascades
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 921m
Participants: Tim Gage, Dean Perez
Difficulty: 4: Moderate scramble with short class 4 crux
The NE ridge is the easiest route but requires scrambling a short exposed class 4 crux. If you are nervous with class 4 scrambling plan on down-climbing this crux with a safety belay.
We drove the Coquihalla Highway until exit 228 and then took the Old Coquihalla Road north for a few hundred meters until it crosses the Coquihalla Highway and joins with Upper Coldwater Road.

Upper Coldwater Road was in good condition and 2WD for the first few KMs, but after a sharp hairpin to the right over a creek, it became 4WD and very grown in with alder. Dean was driving his old 2WD Saturn and as usual paid zero attention to the damage being done to the sides of his car. On the return trip, the alder actually ripped off the side view mirror. Dean just laughed.

At one point we nearly ran over a cow standing in the road. It was craftily concealed amongst the alder. We mistook it for a large bear and both yelped with surprise. We eventually parked several KMs further down the road at a small creek crossing that had washed out the road in the Coldwater headwaters area.

We continued on foot along the Upper Upper Coldwater Road in a westerly direction, over another creek crossing, and then followed the road as it wrapped around the valley, turning north west and then north east. Just after an junction, we found the trailhead which was well marked with flagging.

The trail was well marked, with a good footbed that wound up through the forest in the northwesterly direction. At one point it crossed a large slab boulder with naturally formed steps etched in the rock.

The trees thinned and the trail eventually emerged into boggy heather meadows south east of Vicuna peak. We walked directly towards the summit, until reaching the base of the granite peak. We then turned right and traversed rock and heather slopes in a northeasterly direction, following the base of the granite peak.

Once past the granite base of the peak, we turned left and headed in a...

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