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Ascents of Arras Peak and Vimy Ridge Apex
Timestamp Free: 2018.10.17 - 01:05:25
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / Canadian Rockies / Border Ranges / Vimy Ridge
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 1400m
Participants: Rick Collier
Difficulty: 1: Mostly hiking, with some very moderate off-trail scrambling and route finding
This is a brief report on an ascent of the high points on the south end of Vimy Ridge
Like everyone else who sojourns in the Crypt Lake area, I took the water taxi from Waterton to the dock at the start of the trail. There were a huge number of hikers heading up to the lake on this day and so I had to weave in and around them until I got close to the head of the line and could pick up the pace a bit. In order to be sure I got back to the boat launch in time to for the last ferry at 5:30, I hustled as hard as I could up the nearly 8 km and 2000'+ to the site of the former campground - I was drenched with sweat when I got there 2.5 hrs from leaving the boat dock. Whew!

Then off E up the stream on an old trail and into the basin below Vimy summit; I was in light alpine foliage for a while, but then turned left (NE) and made an easy diagonal scrabble up scree and minor cliffbands to the col (GR 945-325) between Arras (the official high point of Vimy Ridge) and the true apex to the SE (some 350' higher than Arras).

From the col it's almost 900' to this high point (See VimyApex) and, although there's a bit of route finding up the rubble and through minor cliff bands, most of this climb is straightforward.

It was drizzly and grey on the summit, but still great views all around, including Sofa (See Sofa), Arras/Vimy Ridge (See Vimy) and Boswell, my last peak to be climbed in Waterton (See Boswell). Then back to the col and easy scree for 500' to the summit of Arras; here's a view of the entire area, taken from Boswell: Crypt.

None of this climbing is at all difficult, but, given that the trek starts at 4100' at lakeshore and one is racing against the clock to make the return ferry, the 4600' of ascent is a bit of a puffer.
  Nevertheless, it was fast scree-ing back to the col and then...

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