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Appian Mountain from Furry Creek Roads
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.10 - 19:19:52
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Howe Sound Group
  (1 days)
Participants: Ramsay Dyer, Simon Chesterton
Difficulty: 3: Overgrown logging roads, some route finding and bushwacking.
An ascent of Eastcap Peak, Daniels Peak and Appian Mountain from Furry Creek and Upper Downing FSRs. And a quick side trip to Drone Peak on the return.
Ramsay Dyer and Todd Ponzini had checked out this route on skis during the winter but didn't make it all the way. After reading about their trip and getting a good view of the area on a trip to Bagpipe near Loch Lomond I was really keen on a visit. Talking with Ramsay I suggested a late spring attempt with longer daylight hours. I don't really ski so we brought snowshoes just in case but they were not needed as snow conditions up high were firm enough. [photo]appian2.jpg[caption]Eastcap, Daniels and Appian (with The Lions behind) from Bagpipe[/photo]

Taking Furry Creek Road (note, this is in late May 2009) by way of the connector from near the golf course (Phyllis Creek Road) we parked just after the 7km marker and headed down next to a cut block on a rough trail to cross Furry Creek on a foot bridge built by some other members of this site. [photo]FurryFootbridge.jpg[caption]Single log footbridge over Furry Creek[/photo]

 From there a flagged route winds its way around the western edge of Chanter to connect with an old logging road that we follow down to The Downing FSR.

Travel up this road towards it's end is easy at first and then becomes more cluttered with alder. I think Paul Kubik had done some trimming as things weren't too bad but after passing the South Downing Spur (which we were looking for but missed) things were getting thick. Missing the spur was a good thing we found out later as we attempted it on the way back and it was way worse than the road we continued up - best to travel in this area when lots of snow is still around.

Nearing the end of The Downing FSR we took a right branch and then decided to drop down through the cutblock and ford Downing Creek. This went well enough through the young trees and we made our...

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