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Aragorn to Peregrine: High quality ridge ramble
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.06 - 21:22:05
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Cadwallader Range
  (1 days)
Difficulty: 3: Moderate class 3. Routefinding.
The route from Gandalf to Peregine is well worth the effort. Check it out.
It seems like a lot of people don't bother to hike the Peregrine ridge. I'm not sure why because the standard Gandalf-to-Aragorn loop is not particularly long or arduous. And tacking Peregrine on at the end (or start) of this well traveled route is easy enough.

Anyway, this is the conclusion we came to on this particular three-day visit to the Phelix Creek area. Actually, we had intended to do Peregine on day 1 (after hiking up from the trailhead), Gandalf and Aragorn on day 2, and Shadowfax on day 3. But a thunderstorm on day 1 put an end to Plan A.

We therefore decided to start a little earlier on day 2 and begin a three-peak loop with Aragron first. From the hut we bushwacked through the forest in a westerly direction to find the upper basin east of Gandalf. From here we walked over heather in a North Westerly direction until we were standing below the ridge between Aragorn and Gandalf. At this point we turned west and hiked up the slope to the top of the ridge.

To reach the col at the top of this ridge we hiked up a gradually steepening snow slope and then transitioned onto an even steeper slope of very fine scree/sand/mud. At this point I deployed my axe and used the pick to help find traction on the slope. The final few yards were particularly uncomfortable, with small rocks coming loose, and a small precariously balanced cornice tottering directly above me. My hiking partners took a slightly different route a few yards to my left (south) and avoided the cornice hazard. However they had to scramble up a considerably steeper route with very loose rocks. Neither option was optimal but no better alternatives seemed apparent.

From the col, the hike north to Aragorn was a pleasant walk. The top of Aragorn has wonderfully flat slabs ending in a spectacular...

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