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Mt Cline North Ridge
Timestamp Free: 2019.08.24 - 16:29:49
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / Canadian Rockies / Continental Ranges / Front Ranges
  (2 days)     Elevation Gain: 600m
Participants: Steve Patten, Mark Klassen
Difficulty: 5: Alpine Grade D-, 5.7, AI 3-
This is an interesting mixed climb that would be very popular if it were in the Lake Louise group. There is a lot of loose rock but where it gets steep the rock quality is better. In dry conditions or seasons a lot of the ice gullies we climbed may disappear although it seems like you may be able to climb rock instead. The rock climbing could be harder or more serious than what we encountered if you don't climb the ice pitches.

The climb is a bit unique in the Rockies, I can't compare it to anything else in the region. It has elements of the crux pitches of Athabasca's N Face or N Face Bypass, the Victoria Traverse and Eisenhower Tower. It is probably best done when most of the winter snow has melted off 3000 m rock features but when gully features will still have good quality ice or snow in them. [photo]P1010262.jpg[caption]The snow slopes and ice gully that lead to the first peak[/photo]

[photo]P1010254.jpg[caption]The rest of the ridge. The final summit goulotte is hidden in the shadow to the left of the last, long, steep step in the ridge[/photo]

Approach: 10 km, 1500 m elevation gain

Start at Thompson Creek about 9 km east of Saskatchewan River Crossing (there is a campground here). Walk up the east side of the creek on a fairly defined trail. After about 2 km go steeply up a hillside through open burnt forest (indistinct trail) to about 1750 m to avoid the narrowing creek bed, find a trail at this elevation that contours back into the creek bed. Continue up the valley through an avalanche path and eventually talus to the col between Cline and Resolute Mountain (Lion Peak). Drop onto the glacier to the north and contour on its west side to gain a ledge system below Cline's north ridge at about 2650 m. Weave back and forth connecting ledges and/or...

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