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Porpoise Bay to Clowhom Lake by Canoe
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.10 - 18:05:07
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (6 days)
Participants: Mike Peel, Robert Riecken, Danny Riecken, Steven Riecken
Difficulty: 1: Watch the wind when crossing the inlets - especially on sunny days when it seems to be strongest between 10:30 am and 4:00 pm.
We got warmed up for this 6 day canoe trip by canoeing from Tuwanek Point (where we rented the canoes) near Sechelt - north along the coast to Nine mile point, across the Salmon and Narrows Inlet and then on through Skookumchuck Narrows (at slack tide!), with a stop at the Cinnamon bun bakery at Egmont and then across Jervis Inlet to a small Island camp spot home of Whiskers the baby seal [photo]whiskers.JPG[caption]Whiskers resting on the beach[/photo]

This part of the journey took us two days, so on the third day we retraced our route, back across Jervis Inlet [photo]jervis_inlet.JPG[caption]Looking up Jervis Inlet[/photo]

and then back through Skookumchuck Narrows against a very small tide and onto a camp spot at Kunechin Point. At this point in the trip we didn't see any kayakers or canoeists, but we did see quite a few pleasure boats heading up Jervis Inlet.

On the fourth day we were able to get pushed down Salmon Inlet by a nice breeze and after about 4-5 hours of paddling, we arrived at the former logging town of Clowhom Falls - now more of a BC Hydro town than a logging town - but some logging is still going on. We camped at a point just offshore of the town [photo]clowhom_camp.JPG[caption]Camped at Clowhom[/photo]

although I wouldn't call Clowhom a town, since it has no hotel, post office or public buildings, but it does have a lot of airplane and helicopter traffic (at 6:30am !).

The next morning , we portaged one of the canoes about 1 km [photo]portage.JPG[caption]3 man portage[/photo]

up to Clowhom Lake, and put in [photo]clowhom_put_in.JPG[caption]Put in at Clowhom Lake[/photo]

at Rob Dick's wood salvage area where Rob explained he has been on a 22 year campaign trying to convince people about the value of the...

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