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Hiking in Heaven: Backpacking Silvercup Ridge
Timestamp Free: 2020.05.29 - 18:29:04
Ranges: Silvercup Ridge
  (3 days)     Elevation Gain: 600m
Participants: Doug Brown, Graham Brown, Gordon Brown, Sandra McGuinness
Difficulty: 2: Some off trail hiking, no scrambling.
A three day wander along Silvercup Ridge with some first time backpackers.
Doug and I, along with Doug's brother, Gord and nephew, Graham, just spent a couple of days backpacking along Silvercup Ridge on Gord's first ever backpacking trip at age 59!. While this trip report describes no epic first ascents, scary run-out climbing, daunting wildlife encounters or heinous bushwacking, it may be useful to other bivouac readers who are contemplating this hike.

First off, a full traverse of the ridge from either end is highly recommended. The route and intermittent trail is above treeline for almost the entire distance and offers up wonderful views of the surrounding Selkirks and generally easy walking. Campsites and fresh water are plentiful, and, despite the number of roads that access the alpine, encounters with motorized users are still relatively few (particularly if you avoid Foggy Day Road).

An old mining road, known locally as Foggy Day Road, runs intermittently along the ridge starting in the north and running south to merge into Rady Creek FSR about one third of the way along the length of Silvercup Ridge. Foggy Day Road starts again at 7,800 feet on the south side of Fays Peak where it runs into American Creek FSR. Between Rady Creek FSR and American Creek FSR the trail is intermittent and hard to follow. Travel, however, is generally easy and eventually if you follow the most obvious route, you will pick up the trail again. Unfortunately, where Foggy Day Road runs out, motorized users have beaten their own roads into the meadow below the ridge-top and you may find yourself intersecting these at times. [photo]photo1.jpg[caption]Leaving Foggy Day Road on a small trail[/photo]

Access Routes
There are four main access routes. From N to S: (a)an [Roadx5462-Silvercup...

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