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Stein Divide Traverse on Skis
Timestamp Free: 2018.11.14 - 11:00:51
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Lillooet Ranges
  (7 days)     Elevation Gain: 4500m
Participants: Jeffrey Emmett, Florian Jungen, Evan Sklarski
Difficulty: 3: Mostly straight forward ski touring. A few difficult sections to bypass. Glacier travel. Remote in middle.
A 7 day traverse from Lizze Cr to Log Cr, via the glaciated divide south of the Stein River.
Day 0 - Car Shuttles
I met Florian and Jeff, coming from Penticton and Nelson, in Hope and we dropped their vehicle off at the start of the Log Cr road. Then after another long drive we crashed at my place in Squamish. [photo]001.jpg[caption]At the trailhead rearing to go; from left to right: Florian, myself, Jeff.[/photo]

Day1 - To Lizzie Cabin
Little did I know when I got into this that I was traveling with some of the 'crack of noon' unionised bunch. We got a late start that was only made later by a trip back to Pemberton from the trailhead to purchase a replacement for some mysteriously missing poles. And so at 3pm we departed reaching snow within an hour, and Lizzie Lk around 8. At this point we decided to eat dinner before climbing to the cabin in the dark. Luckily the clouds cleared as the full moon rose and we got to do some wonderful moonlight skinning to finish our day. We almost couldn't find the cabin since the snow was so high (descending snow 1.5m to reach the balcony) just a small bit was visible. [photo]002.jpg[caption]Lizzie Cr cabin[/photo]

Day 2 - Around Rogers Creek to Figure 8 Lake
Exhausted we slept in and got started at the 'crack of noon'. We traversed the head of Rogers creek high to avoid what looks like very bluffy terrain. Descending from approximately GR482545 to about 150m below Cherry Pip pass, and then climbed easily to Figure 8 Lk where we set camp behind an enormous wind drift.

Day 3 - To Skook Jim
Improving bit by bit we got a 10am start. We decided to try traversing the north side of the ridge running towards the Glacier toe on Mt Skook-Jim however weather troubles forced us to bail and kick step a small ways through a cornice to get on top of the ridge. It would appear climbing to...

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