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Explorations in Seymour Ancient Groves Park (proposed)
Timestamp Free: 2018.11.14 - 10:10:34
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Howe Sound Group
  (1 days)
Participants: Bill Maurer
Trip to Paton Viewpoint from Seymour Mainline Rd (9km).
Oct 23, 1999 This trip was my initial attempt to reach the Norvan Creek col from the Seymour Mainline road. The trail appears on the WCWC Seymour Ancient Groves Hiking Guide map as well as the second edition of Vancouver's North Shore Hiking Trails. The trail begins off a spur road which intersects the west side of the Seymour Mainline at the 9Km point. The spur road ends at a creek (unnamed). I followed the north bank of the creek for a ways before heading up onto a ridge. I couldn't find the start of the trail but occassionaly ran into what looked like an animal track on my way up. I passed 3 ribbons on the lower half of the trail. From there to the Paton viewpoint (1020m) it was clearly flagged with red ribbons. The Paton viewpoint is a rocky outcrop with the best view of the Seymour dam and lake that I've seen. You get glorious views of Coliseum and Burwell rising above and in the distance standing majestically by itself is Cathedral. It took 2 hours to reach the viewpoint from the roadend. It appeared that Cathedral could be reached from here with no loss in elevation by first hiking up to Cornett Lakes and from there traversing into the valley between Palisade and Burwell Lake. The summit can be reached from here via the South ridge. A circular route can be achieved by returning via Burwell and Colliseum and then descending back to the viewpoint via Norvan col. On my descent I ran into Gabriel who is the person that's been flagging the route over the past 3 years. He mentioned that his flagging at the lower part of the route has dissappeared consistently every year. This time he is using 1 inch square reflectors which he has nailed onto the trees. Needless to say the descent went a lot quicker with these in place although he doesn't flag all the way to the...

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