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Mount Jukes Bike, Hike and Snowshoe
Timestamp Free: 2020.03.31 - 07:43:27
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 2050m
Participants: Simon Chesterton
Difficulty: 2: Parts of the old logging road are bushy and the bike ride back up to the pass at the end of the day can be tiring especially when pushing your bike through soft snow. Note, elevation gain is cumulative.
Pushing my bike through soft snow, riding it, hiking and snowshoeing to the infrequently visited Mount Jukes.
With the partial re-opening of The Stawamus-Indian River Main after around six years of closure, Ramsay Dyer and I spent a pleasant late half day summitting Mount Baldwin from the pass area and got a good look further down the Indian River Valley to some lesser known mountains. Mount Jukes was prominent from our vantage and after studying some maps later on, I'd thought I'd give it a go. [photo]Jukes3.jpg[caption]Jukes from Baldwin[/photo]

I elected to sleep in a bit and forgo the early start. Upon arrival at the Stawamus-Indian River Road I phoned the number posted there and talked with a guy who gave me permission to head up. Heli-logging and hauling in progress today (Tuesday) meant I had to wait a few minutes for them to clear the landing area at km 4.5 and then I was waved through. Continuing on for another few km I park at the minor washout and at just before noon I jump on my bike.

In short order I get off my bike as the snow level is around 700m el. and it's a slog through the soft snow for a km or so up to the pass. Thinking that the snow wouldn't be around for too long on the other side was just wishful. But, at least I'm pushing my bike downhill for the most part. At around km 10 I reach the concrete barricade and then the washout. Concrete blocks stacked here block all traffic. I lowered my bike down then jumped down onto a patch of snow. Crossing the creek was easy and onwards I go still with snow and a couple of open sections.

As I make my way down towards the Indian River crossing I notice a bear on the verge to my left. He can't hear my approach due to the noise of the river, so I whistle at him. Apart from a curious look or two he wasn't fussed about my presence and I continued down to the river and waded across as the bridge has been...

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