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Puma South Peak (from Callaghan Country Parking Lot)
Timestamp Free: 2020.08.03 - 07:41:45
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 1067m
Participants: Robin Tivy, Betsy Waddington, Laurent Mingo, Steve Grant, Nova Grant
Difficulty: 3: Mostly just climbing in trees. Some steep parts on marvellous ramps with holes in snow.
Late season ski up Puma peak from the Olympic parking area.
Although we had Nova Grant (10 years old) with us, we still wanted to do an adventuresome day trip rather than yet another diamond head trip. So we decided to do another ascent of Puma S1, which all of us except Laurent and Nova had done several times. We all like that trip because it gives a feeling of wilderness, although with just over 1000m elevation gain it is a bit of work. Our plan was to ski up the Olympic cross country runs (now closed for season), then connect to the bottom of the Marvelous ramps we had used in previous trips to get to the peak.

I am going to describe the route in grim detail and refer both to the Satellite view and also the Whistler PDF Map of cross country trails. On the satellite map, you can see all the trails quite clearly, and pick out the bridges and water treatment plant by zooming in to 20m resolution. The PDF map shows the water treatment plant, and also all the trails. I will refer to this map and also the Google satellite images. The satellite photos were taken April 4, 2009 and very clearly show both the ski trails and also the "Marvelous ramps" up Puma). I have carefully checked the waypoints, so you can download the entire track log to your GPS, and follow it with assurance.

Now back to the story. When we got to the Callaghan country parking lot, there were a few other cars with cross country skiers. It seems that in the early morning at this time of year the trails are quite good for a quick ski workout.

There was still lots of snow. We were able to put our skis on right at the Callaghan Country parking lot, although there was a short section that had been plowed that we had to walk across. Once on the ski runs, the snow was deep and solid. From the car,...

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