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Telemagique Ridge Ski Loop
Timestamp Free: 2020.09.23 - 21:41:54
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 1300m
Participants: Scott Nelson, Sandra Nicol
Difficulty: 2: The only steep slopes we skied were yoyoing off the main route. Overall skiing difficulty is similar to skiing to the Elfin Shelter. Avalanche exposure is minimal as far as Telemagique Lake.
A nice long tour along the ridges east of Callaghan Lake. We finished the day with a couple of great ski runs NE of Callaghan Lake.
After a great day skiing powder at Blackcomb Mountain, Sandra and I headed up to the Callaghan Valley for a repeat visit to Telemagique Ridge. That's my name for the long ridge system that runs south from Telemagique Lake. We'd skied the ridge once before, in January 2009, and this time we wanted to continue further north and cross over to Callaghan Lake to make it into a loop.

We started out around 9:15am on the groomed XC trail to Callaghan Lake. There's a $6 fee to use the groomed trail, but IMO it's worth it for the easy travelling at the start of the trip. We made it to Sparkplug corner by 10am and turned right onto an untouched spur road. This spur has a few branches, not all of which are visible on the normal maps, but you can see them all clearly in google earth. We took two left turns to put us onto the branch that climbs high on the ridge, near the top of a clearcut around 1200m. Here we dove into the forest.

Upon entering the forest, the terrain was immediately a bit confusing. Telemagique ridge doesn't have a well defined crest. Instead it has many smaller ridges with gullys and valleys in between. We stayed to the right of one of these little ridges, went through a small meadow, then started climbing up on the skiers left side of a little creek. This was all fairly familiar from our previous trip (but with a lot more snow this time), and soon we reached the start of the real meadows at 1400m after about 2 hours of skiing. From this point onward, the terrain was really open - just skiing through interconnected open meadows. It reminded me a lot of skiing through the Red Heather meadows in Garibaldi Park, but without the throngs of people everywhere.

From the first open meadow we skied straight up an open gully than climbs into a little basin above....

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