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Mount Harvey Ski Tour (From South)
Timestamp Free: 2019.01.16 - 11:24:19
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Britannia Range
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 800m
Participants: Paul Kubik, dogs Muffy and Linus
Difficulty: 2: Not too difficult.
Day trip behind Lions Bay to check out the snow pack.
Walked up the road with Mark Tremblay and Eugene but they wanted to summit Harvey by its southwest ridge trail. I continued up the road carrying my skis and boots on the pack. The road cum trail was not in bad shape. I stopped in a few places to clear some blockages causing trail erosion.

Disappointingly, the snow did not start until 500 meters past the turnoff to the Harvey Creek footbridge. Last year I thought the snowline was high but it was usually possible to ski well below the bridge turnoff to around 700 or 800 meters. Where the snow did start this year it was only a thin strip along the cleared section of the road. None of this was a surprise though. It's been a dismal year for backcountry skiing on the extreme SW coast of BC.

Anyway, the point of this report is just to show a few photos. All shots are above 1100 meters. I briefly thought of going all the way up the south face to the summit but the wind had picked up and it was blowing snow horizontally. Also, above 1500 meters there was a thin layer of powder on crust and the skins weren't gripping it on steeper terrain so I would have had to posthole the last couple of hundred meters.

The skiing was really good above 1250 meters and a bit crusty below that. It was good to get out and stretch the legs after being cooped up in an office all week with only 125 km of cycling for exercise. [photo]DSCF0206.jpg[caption]Glades near 1100 m[/photo]
  [photo]DSCF0207.jpg[caption]Near 1200 m. The trees in foreground were almost buried last year.[/photo]
  [photo]DSCF0209.jpg[caption]Near 1300 m[/photo]
  [photo]DSCF0210.jpg[caption]"The Burn" ski route up south face to summit.[/photo]
  [photo]DSCF0211.jpg[caption]Looking across "The Burn"[/photo]

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