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Climbing The North Ridge of Mount Splendid
Timestamp Free: 2020.11.23 - 23:56:45
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / Canadian Rockies / Continental Ranges / Park Ranges / Harrison Group
  (1 days)
Participants: Rick Collier
Difficulty: 2: Mostly easy scrambling; some bushwhacking
This report provides details of access to Mt. Splendid an an account of the (minor) rigors of ascending this peak's N ridge
Editors Note in 2013: Mount Splendid is labelled as Bull peak on Google.

It wasn't at all unusual: not finding anyone in my immediate group of climbing associates who wished to climb peaks they had never even remotely heard of and for whom the lure of a long, hot drive, much of it over rough gravel roads, was hardly an enticement. So it was, when my final phone calls met with stony silence and then a spluttered, Mount Splendid? Is that up in the Yukon or what? You must be crazy -- that I knew I was on my own.

Agreeing to some modest extent with this caustic evaluation that I was perhaps psychologically unhinged, I nevertheless loaded up the faithful Nissan truck and headed off solo about noon on August 26 . . . well, at least I could listen to my own choice of tunes. It was a pretty uneventful ride over to Radium, S to Canal Flats (where there is now a gas station!), and back E into the Whiteswan; but, indeed, long, hot, and dusty.

After about 45 km, I drove over the bridge where three major logging roads converged - one S down the Bull River, a second N up the North White, and a third heading E over to the White River proper. I followed the Bull River past Koos and Barr Creeks and the sinuous roads winding up them into devastated high country, finally finding the turn-off for Stork Creek, the only approach reference I had for Mt. Splendid (9742 feet), a peak with little cachet except for being first climbed by Pat Morrow in 1969 (and being the penultimate mountain left for me to climb in the Green Guidebook).

But things change in forty years, and the logging road, instead of switch-backing up to the base of my objective, spluttered out after 2.5 km, at which point an earth bank had given away and made passage for my truck somewhat problematic - oh, I...

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