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Bike and Hike into Mount Bauerman, Lone Mountain
Timestamp Free: 2019.06.25 - 01:54:07
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / Canadian Rockies / Border Ranges
  (3 days)     Elevation Gain: 920m
Participants: Mardy Roberts, Rick Collier
Difficulty: 2: This is a very easy ascent, mostly on trails, only the last 1.9 km and 900' E up the broad back of Bauerman pose any difficulties -- light bushwhacking and modest elevation gain.
Bauerman could be climbed in a day, using a bicycle to get to Lost Lake cabin, but we wished to ascend Lost Mt, as well, and so traveled encumbered with three days worth of food and gear

Day 1 - July 16

On July 16, Mardy and I drove down to Waterton in the morning, saddled up our bicycles at Red Rock Canyon, and rode up the Bauerman Creek Trail to the Lost Lake cut-off cabin (8.5 km), the first 4.6 km to the Goat Lake branch (Goat Lake Trail) being relatively flat, but the last 3.9 km involving several stretches of pushing our rigs up hills. We stashed the bikes on the cabin hitching rail, then backpacked another 3.3 km - mostly uphill but through some lovely meadows -- to the Twin Lakes backcountry campground, where we set up our tent. I had been here a couple of years ago when I hiked through and up to Sage Pass as part of my climbing tour of the peaks of the southern Great Divide Trail (GDT), and I recalled, quite correctly, that this spot is very pretty; but of course it was also kind of crowded, there being six other people there (!).

In late afternoon while Mardy siesta-ed, I set off up the trail to Twin Lakes pass (0.5 km) and then ascended very easily the broad back of the ridge leading E to the summit of Mt. Bauerman (7903'). There were meadows of beautiful, tiny wildflowers along the alpine portion of this ridge, rather like speckles of coloured paint flicked here and there. There's also a very interesting and sometimes narrow ridge connecting Bauerman to Lost Mountain, which looked like it might be exciting to traverse. I rebuilt the cairn with what little rock (mostly slate plates) I could find, left a register, and took some photos (See Castle, Glendowan, Anderson, and Kenow).

We then went back down and spent a pleasant night at the campground.

Day 2 - July 17
After a leisurely breakfast on the 17th, Mardy and I hiked up to the Twin Lakes col, from...

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