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North East Route - Mount Garibaldi
Timestamp Free: 2020.08.07 - 01:47:52
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Garibaldi Ranges
  (2 days)     Elevation Gain: 1800m
Participants: Henrik Hinkkala, Simon Cunningham
Difficulty: 3: Difficulties on route include crevasses, and finding a safe crossing point over the berg! Otherwise the route is straight forward.
A nice ridge hike and steep snow climb up the North side of Mount Garibaldi.
The trip began early Saturday morning as I waited to meet Simon in Vancouver. Shortly after our rendezvous we java'd up and headed to Squamish in my Mazda 3, around 5:30am.
 I was concerned with the clearance of my vehicle but once we arrived at the Cheekye turn-off we had to give it a go. We tried to go up the Cheekye road but we turned back quickly due to the water bars. We then got up 9.6km up the Brohm River FSR until i called it quits, my Mazda had worked hard to get us to this point. So once again the bikes came out and we were pushing them up the road. We turned off onto the Brohm Ridge Spur but after about .5hour we ditched the bikes as there was a 1km section of road that was completely washed out. So we hiked the rest of the way, followed flagging into the pine and then we snowshoed up to the ridge crest at around 10am. [photo]1.jpg[caption]Simon coming up the ridge.[/photo]
 We continued on the ridge over the pinnacle where we saw a mountain goat, we then hiked up the sand moraine and to the beginning of the Warren Glacier, 12:30am. [photo]2.jpg[caption]A mountain goat we trailed for a short while.[/photo]
  [photo]3.jpg[caption]View of moraine.[/photo]
 Here we roped up and we snowshoed across and over to the gentler slopes of the North Pitt Glacier. We got to the top of the knoll, where we wanted to set up camp, at around 2:30pm. [photo]4.jpg[caption]Simon leading across the Warren Glacier.[/photo]
  [photo]6.jpg[caption]Camp is setup and we are good to go for Garibaldi.[/photo]
 We had decided to go for the summit that evening but first we wanted to set-up our tent site, so Simon began to set-up camp while...

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