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Blow-Me-Down (in spring)
Timestamp Free: 2018.12.09 - 17:26:57
Ranges: North America Ranges / Quebec-Labrador Ranges
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 640m
Participants: Len Zedel
Difficulty: 3: Some use of handholds to climb up steep trail.
A summer hike to the top of Blow-Me-Down mountain in the Bay-of-Islands area.
Fate handed me yet another meeting in Deer Lake, and by taking the first possible flight a day early I could have a full day on Newfoundland's west coast to do some exploring. One idea I had was to go up Gros Morne mountain in Gros Morne National Park. However, when I read that the park restricted travel in that area early in the season because of impact on the trails I gave up on that idea: I didn't want to burn an hour of my precious time driving only to find out that the trail was closed. A perfect alternative was Blow Me Down mountain some 35 km outside of Corner Brook. I had discovered Blow Me Down mountain during a winter trip with my friend Darryl (see trip: Blow Me Down (in winter)). This was perfect since I had been in this area before I wouldn't lose time finding the trail or discovering that there was no trail.

The early flight from St. John's to Deer Lake gets you in around 8:00 am and when it was all done I got to the beginning of my hike near to 9:00, not too bad. The terrain is very open here, owing to the peridotite rock that occurs in this area and is somewhat toxic to plants. The peridotite has a redish-brown colouring and the result is a terrain that has a mars-landing movie-set look to it.

From the car, I simply head up toward the ridge following the line that Darryl and I had taken in winter conditions a few months earlier. Now, I have to dodge around some scrub and a little route finding is needed but there are lots of options. The obvious line leads to what I would describe as a shelf that juts out toward the ocean and where the trail begins. Once on top of the shelf, the route up is not obvious. Being a creature of habit, I simply retraced the route that Darryl and I had used in winter conditions. This worked for me but was not...

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