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Blackcomb-Wedge-Currie ski traverse
Timestamp Free: 2018.07.22 - 23:11:20
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Garibaldi Ranges
  (2 days)     Elevation Gain: 2100m
Participants: Chris Michalak, Krystil Koethler, Anne Vialettes, Piotr Forysinsky, Rozzy Pedder, Elissa Smith, Matthew Carroll, Greta Raymant, Evan Morris and Bram van Straaten.
Difficulty: 3: Avalanche danger, especially on steep south facing slopes to gain the col east of Lesser Wedge (can be avoided by alternative route), glacier travel, route finding and some bushwhacking. ATES terrain rating complex.
Ten VOCers traversed from the top of Blackcomb to Wedge pass, Weart glacier, north of Mt. Moe, past Mt. Ure and west of Hibachi ridge and east of Mt. Currie to Gravell Creek and down to Pemberton.
If your only mode of transportation is a pair of backcountry skis, would you rather (1) take Highway 99 from Whistler to Pemberton (35km), or (2) do a high-alpine ski traverse from Blackcomb - Wedge - Mt. Currie (44km)? If your answer is (2) continue reading. Considering the spectacular location of this traverse, don't you wonder too why this traverse doesn't get done more often?

After some planning at the VOC banquet and some last minute phoning on Friday evening the trip had grown to ten people filling two cars to maximum capacity. Degrees of confidence regarding actually completing the traverse were variable. The new Baldwin guide listed the trip as four days, but it is comparable in length and difficulty to the Spearhead traverse. However, the quote that was repeated most often from the guidebook was "The traverse ends by exiting to logging roads in Gravell Cr. This is the crux of the trip". Not being too afraid of bushwhacking, and after careful study of the map and discussing the conflicting (considerable-high in South Coast vs. moderate in Whistler) avi forecast we decided to try it anyway. The compromise was to not place the car at the other end of the traverse, but hitchhike/take a cab from Pemberton to Whistler if we would actually make it.

Day 1 (Sat. Apr. 4th)
On Saturday morning Chris, Krystil, Anne, Piotr, Rozzy, Elissa, Matthew, Greta, Evan and I boarded the gondola to the top of Blackcomb. After a short skin up to the Spearhead-Blackcomb col we made the long descent towards Wedge pass. [photo]P1000179.JPG[caption]Evan skiing down the Decker drainage to Wedge pass[/photo]

From here we had a long (1000vm) ascent towards the col just east of Lesser Wedge ahead of us. [photo]P1000186.JPG[caption]Skiing up towards the Lesser Wedge col,...

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