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Blow-Me-Down (in winter)
Timestamp Free: 2018.05.25 - 12:56:29
Ranges: North America Ranges / Quebec-Labrador Ranges
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 500m
Participants: Len and Darryl
Difficulty: 4: Some steep ice/snow.
A winter climb up a ridge leading to Blow Me Down mountain.
The events that enabled this winter climb on the West Coast of Newfoundland actually took place 6 months earlier in the St. John's airport. I was booked on a flight to Deer Lake early in the morning to attend a meeting. The first part of the meeting involved a helicopter tour of a new ecological reserve known as Little Grand Lake: as of 2009 this reserve has still not been ratified by the NL House of Assembly (but that is another story). My flight was unfortunately over-booked and I was rewarded for my laissez-faire, just-in-time airport arrival by getting bumped off the flight. To compensate me for missing this flight (and my connecting helicopter tour), I was given vouchers for another trip. It transpired that Darryl had meetings in Corner Brook the following March so that presented an opportunity for me to fly over and join him for a couple of days. Even that plan was nearly thwarted when I arrived at the airport only to be told that I had somehow screwed up the booking and there was no seat for me on the plane. It was not looking good but when I mentioned that I work at the University where we have a corporate account things improved and all of a sudden they did have a seat for me. Some poor schlep probably got bumped off the plane because of that: been there.

I arrive in Deer Lake and Darryl picks me up at the airport. We drive through Tim Horton's and then get down to Corner Brook where Darryl has meetings that day so I end up marking assignments in his hotel room (no time is ever wasted). Darryl isn't finished until noon that day so we decide not to rush out and climb but instead we use the time to look around and find out where we will climb tomorow. I have lifted a bunch of information off the web and we cruise by the suggested places but none of them...

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