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Pantheon and Waddington Range Traverse
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.12 - 19:02:15
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (18 days)     Elevation Gain: 7500m
Participants: Dave Campbell, Don Funk, Fred Touche, Tim Blair, Chris Michalak
Difficulty: 4: Rugged ski traverse with a technical crux at Fury Gap
A 17-day ski tour through the Pantheon and Waddington Ranges
As usual, plans of spring adventures started brewing sometime during the rainy season in Vancouver. After batting around a few ideas in the St. Elias, we ended up with the idea of doing a journey through the Pantheon and Waddington Ranges. This would allow us to start from the cars at the King's Ranch at Bluff Lake, and then grab a fixed-wing flight back with Dave King from the air strip at the logging camp at Scar Creek.

We met in the late winter at Don Funk's place in Surrey, and poured over maps to plan the route. Don had reached some notoriety amongst my climbing friends from some of his outstanding "day-trips" and solo multi-day affairs, posted on While doing a traverse of the Monarch Icefield the previous year, a group of friends "bumped" into Don several days out on the icefield, and after connecting a few dots realized that the lone traveler was none other than the legendary Don Funk. On this trip, it seemed like a good idea to combine forces for the expedition.

[h2]Day 0[/h0] After the usual pre-trip planning, journeys to Famous Foods, carefully weighing food, building crazy-carpet sleds, and stocking up with adequate supplies of cheese and butter, we were ready to go. With a bit of effort we were able to squeeze all our gear for 3 weeks into the cars, and made our way for the long-drive up to the Chilcotins. We arrived at the King's Ranch before dusk, and made arrangements for our lift out. We then headed out towards the road to Hell-Raving Creek and set up camp for the evening.

Day 1
Our first day came with the realization that we actually had to pack and deal with all the gear we had with us. There was little snow at the mouth of Hell Raving Creek, and sledding was out of the question. Tim, ever-keen, was up and packed early,...

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