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Frosty Mountain West Peak - Ski Descent to Flash Lake
Timestamp Free: 2018.11.12 - 21:36:40
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Cascade Range / Canadian Cascades
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 1200m
Participants: Five from North Shore Hikers and couple of BCMCers.
Difficulty: 3: Steep tree skiing. Avalanche hazard.
A one-day ski and boot ascent of the windblown main summit of Frosty Mountain. Lots of skiing photos.
[photo]MountFrosty.jpg[caption]Frosty Mountain - West Peak[/photo]
  A group of us (3 skiers, 5 snowshoers) skied/hiked up the north side of Frosty Mountain, West Peak from west end of Lightning Lake. The route is described in Baldwin's latest ski guide. West sides of the ridge are completely wind-scoured down to bare rock. North and east sides get the deposition. We skied the large gully that drops from 2100 m ASL down to Flash Lake at 1250 m. I dug a pit for shovel shear test at 2100 m near the edge of the upper catchment bowl on approx. 20 degree shallow convex slope. The top 45 cm of recent storm snow fractured cleanly under moderate pressure (STM). The next 50 cm denser slab below fractured cleanly under firm, sustained pressure (STH). There was another block below that I was unable to isolate because I couldn't get the shovel in to dig it out - the snow was too hard. I didn't think to pull out the probe to check the total snow depth.

The snow shoers returned on the up track while the three skiers and two dogs diagonalled down to the west to the edge of the wide bowl funnelling into a gully above Flash Lake. We skirted the upper start zone on the east through open larch then into the main path for the descent. No instabilities were detected. The sun was out most of the day but there was a cold south wind preventing surface warming.

There was great skiing in the gully until the last 200 meters above the lake where we finally entered mature trees. In contrast to the previous year's descent, the snow in the trees was a bit like sloppy concrete and unsupported around the numerous blowdown.

Good choice for the day. [photo]02-Frosty-Paul-20090321.jpg[caption]Route in forest.[/photo]

[photo]03-Frosty-N_Ridge-20090321.jpg[caption]Picture of...

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