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Puma South Peak Via Marvelous Ramps (From Biathlon)
Timestamp Free: 2020.04.05 - 16:57:33
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (1 days)
Participants: Steve Grant (solo)
Difficulty: 2: One steepish sideslope, careful routefinding needed.
A pleasant day trip with numerous ramps and other marvels popping up along the line of least resistance through awkward country.
This route starts at the biathlon range of the Whistler Olympic Park and proceeds to a lake at 1040m on the south flanks of Puma S1 subpeak. Reaching that lake is the key to following this route. See Scott Nelson's Beverley Creek Route Exploration and Flagging (Callaghan Valley)

Park at the front of the biathlon parking lot, farthest from the building. At the west end of the shooting range is a bridge. You can bypass it to the east, cross it, or go under it. Where the trails converge and start to curve south, peer down over the west bank. Down at the bottom you can see another groomed XC run. You have to go down this awkward forested slope to the lower trail. If you think this wasn't fun, wait until you come back up on the return trip.

Follow that lower groomed xc run north and west to a bridge. Try to stay off the groomed trail unless you paid a trail fee. Past the bridge a cleared but ungroomed wide XC trail cuts off to the right, and climbs. Follow the ungroomed trail. To quote Scott's description: "Leave this trail on the right up a narrow creek. You will find orange flags start shortly up the creek." I left the groomed run and went up a draw before reaching the ungroomed one, and took a while to find the orange flags.

I followed them to the lake. I'm still not sure if I followed Scott's pink or orange route. A couple of times I had to ski around in the woods, trying to find flagging. This is a convoluted area with fairly dense woods and the correct route sometimes wasn't apparent to me. [photo]pp8.jpg [caption]the key lake along the route[/photo]

Anyway I found enough flagging to reach the key lake and stopped to calibrate my fancy Magellan Pioneer GPS.

From studying Google Maps, there appeared to be some sort of linear feature leading...

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