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Climb of Gros Morne in Winter
Timestamp Free: 2018.11.13 - 08:44:55
Ranges: North America Ranges / Laurentians-Ungava Range / Newfoundland / Long Range Mountains
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 806m
Participants: Len Zedel
Difficulty: 3: Some highly consolidated, steep snow slopes
A windy and cold winter day trip to the top of Gros Morne mountain.
I was fortunate enough to have a committee meeting take place in Deer Lake Newfoundland (on the west coast of NL). The meeting was a thursday friday thing so that with appropriate pledges of chores to be done Liz allowed me to take an extra day to go do some exploring in the mountains.

The meeting ended early friday afternoon. I deliberated on spending a night in the bush but I passed on that plan mostly because I really needed to get some work done before blowing off a day away from home and work. That was the official rational, also a factor was the fact that I could get a hot shower and indulge in a classic Newfoundland "hot turkey sandwich" dinner (or maybe that was the real reason). The Irving restaurant across the road would normally be attractive, but I had heard that the Deer Lake Motel restaurant makes a pretty mean serving so I stayed and I wasn't dissappointed.

While waiting for dinner, I had an opportunity to contemplate the snowmobilers also spending the night in the motel. The snowmobilers are easy to identify because they dress up like a cross between a motorcycle hero and a ski bum. Bright colours are popular as are garish logos promoting various "sled" manufacturers or components.

In the small restaurant, I sat down back to a table of snowmobilers discussing the days activities. The table consisted of a couple of young guys and a patriarch of sorts judging from his demeanor. There was much discussion as to the merits of one machine over another. I learned that, while people owned the 4-stroke machines, the lighter two stroke models were much prefered. As to make, clearly one didn't want to buy Polaris: one of the younger guys chimed "yeah, I call them Polararse (a play on the NL use of the word arse). Bombardier did seem to have some...

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