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Hiking the North Creek Trail - east side
Timestamp Free: 2020.02.17 - 02:50:28
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Bridge-Lillooet Divide
  (1 days)
Difficulty: 1: Occasional thick bush, irregular trail bed, must be able to follow flagging
In 2008, the BCMC forged a route on the east side of North Creek, doing away with the original trail's crossing at the half way mark.
From the car park, walk several kilometers along the logging road until you reach its end. The trail descends through the logging slash to North Creek and heads upstream. [photo]NCEtrailhead.jpg[caption]Trail begins by descending through slash to creek[/photo]

Follow flagged and brushed out trail by side-hilling [photo]NCEnewsection.jpg[caption]New section of route on east side of creek[/photo]

until it descends to North Creek and joins the older trail at the now unnecessary log bridge crossing. From here to the cabin, the trail passes through typical west coast creek valley terrain: [photo]NCEnettlemeadow.jpg[caption]Stinging nettle meadow[/photo]

The trail through the meadow disappears each year as it is infilled with new growth. Contour above small bog and head for slide alder on other side. Look for flagging which marks the continuation of trail. [photo]NCEslidealder.jpg[caption]Slide alder tunnel[/photo]

Follow occasional flagging and obvious signs of cleared passage through slide alder. Consider bringing loppers or secateurs to remove new growth. [photo]NCEopenforest.jpg[caption]Open, mature forest[/photo]

The trail emerges from the slide alder into the open forest and is well-marked by orange flagging. Occasional windfalls may require detouring. If you are overcome by the majesty of the natural environment and lose sight of the flagging, continue meandering through the forest keeping North Creek to your left and you will inevitably pick up the trail again. [photo]NCEcreek.jpg[caption]Babbling streams[/photo]

As the trail nears the cabin, orange metal markers replace the flagging. Eventually, the trail arrives at the Boomerang branch of North Creek. The cabin is located nearby at this elevation on the other side of North...

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