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Adventures With Dave: Twin Peaks to Siwash
Timestamp Free: 2020.03.31 - 15:53:14
Ranges: North America Ranges / Columbia Mountains / Selkirk Mountains / Bonnington Range
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 1000m
Participants: Doug Brown, Sandra McGuinness, Roland Perrin, Dave Toews
Difficulty: 2: Some unavoidable (but small) avalanche slopes. Skiing slopes to 36 degrees.
With the hapless, Dave, we ski tour over the two summits of Twin Peaks and on to the Steed Cabin in the basin below Siwash Mountain.
In the early winter of 2004, ATCO, a medium sized logging company operating out of Fruitvale, was logging way up the Bombi Road system. Our earlier ski tours in this area were limited to tours around the Grassy Mountain area, a pleasant enough area for ski touring, but normally requiring a rather tedious two hour slog along a heavily sled beaten logging road to access. With the road plowing, we thought we could explore some, new for us, ski touring terrain.

Our initial plan to avoid conflicts with logging trucks had been to start early, but a call to ATCO revealed that they were hauling from 6 am to 6.00pm, so, although we had Roland, the worlds most aggressive morning person along, we realized we couldn't really beat the logging trucks up the road. Plan B, was for Dave, a delightful, but completely absentminded fellow to bring along his VHF radio. Dave is known in our group for his forgetfulness and had once skied for an entire day with his left boot liner in his right boot shell and visa versa. Not only that, but he'd actually put the liner boots on the right feet so the outer boots were on the wrong feet and he'd spent the whole day tripping and stumbling on the buckles. Needless to say, he forgot the radio.

What to do, but drive up anyway, trying to keep off to one side of the narrow road and hope that a fully loaded logging truck wasn't heading our way. Unfortunately, one was. We did manage to pull off into a small plowed out area, but the luckless logging truck driver had seen his life flash before his eyes when he came around the corner and found a pint sized Subaru right in his path. I can't really blame him for the berating he gave us, as I have full sympathy for these guys (and to a lesser extent, women) who put in long days behind these huge rigs, and...

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