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Winter Climb on Kelly's Mountain with a Two Step Ending
Timestamp Free: 2019.01.18 - 06:09:49
Ranges: North America Ranges / Quebec-Labrador Ranges
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 50m
Participants: Len Zedel and Darryl Fillier
Difficulty: 5: Mid 5'th level climbing (when it's dry).
A winter rock climb on Kelly's Mountain (the Holyrood climbing crag), avoiding ice and freezing fingers but having some trouble with the two step.
Darryl and I try to go climbing every saturday, the policy is you go no matter what the weather is doing. We almost always go climbing at an area locally known as "Holyrood" which the map shows as Kelly's Mountain. There are two peaks that you might climb on, we'll call them the North and South peaks. Most of the interesting climbs are on the south peak although we have dinked around on the North peak as well in the winter. This is a trip report on one such outing.

A great climb on saturday. I thought it was going to be a bust: I had a bit of a headache and Darryl was looking a bit under the weather as well. But, we go through the motions. We hiked into the picnic bench that we had many years ago assembled at the bottom of the crag. Then, when we get to climb, the rock is rather dryer than I had expected, we had suffered a lot of freezing rain, warm weather and then cold again so I never imagined we'd see much rock. We had set up for a crampon and ice axe thrash of sorts. In fact, I wished I had brought the shoes since the face was pretty much clear. Well, there were ribbons of ice here and there, Biggy Fry (another climb) would have been an interesting exercise in mixed climbing but the headache and general malaise are factors. So Darryl says to me "go ahead, climb slab cracking in boots, we've done that before. You can just go to the horn and rap back down". He's baiting me.

As we get geared up Darryl proceeds to video the whole process. He balances the camera on a log, and then for the climb he uses a stump beside his belay stance. While I'm climbing I notice from time to time he is fiddling with the precariously balanced camera keeping me in the frame.

Okay, I figure I can always bail at the horn, I will just start up and see how it goes. I'm just deluding...

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