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Warden Peak, West Ridge
Timestamp Free: 2019.06.26 - 22:27:12
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Insular Mountains / Vancouver Island Ranges / Sutton Range
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 1500m
Participants: John Robertson and Len Zedel
Difficulty: 4: Class 4 on loose rock.
A trip up the west ridge of Warden Peak in spectacular spring conditions.
The year 1980 was relatively early in my mountaineering career. I had done all of the classic coastal hikes on Vancouver Island; the West Coast Trail, Cape Scott and I had done some wandering in Strathcona Park around Paradise Meadows and up to the top of mount Albert Edward. Looking for something else I drifted into climbing mountains. By my nature, I like to figure things out for myself so the absence of any guide books at that time did not represent a major disincentive. I chose possible destinations based on a map of Vancouver Island that identified various mountains and importantly major logging roads. My criterion for a hike was typically it being labeled on my map (likely at the artistic whim of a B.C. government cartographer), the proximity to logging road access, and the window of time that I had available. The typical trip involved finishing classes or work on a Friday afternoon, collecting co-conspirators and driving up island in the dark searching to find a likely launching point for the objective. This Modus Operandi led to a lot of failed outings, in addition to inclement weather, things that could conspire against success included navigational failures in logging spur lines (complicated by travel in the dark), vehicle maintenance issues (enough there for a full length novel), and fuel capacity of the truck limiting the operating radius (try acquiring gas legally in Campbell River at 2:00 in the morning in 1980).

Warden Peak stood out on my map because it was close to the White River logging road and I guess by that time I'd had attempted a lot of the peaks further south. I don't remember if my Vancouver Island map had Victoria Peak labeled as its greater height would have challenged my interest in Warden Peak. Perhaps it was simply the proximity of...

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