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Lions Trail Mayhem - Trail Repair Photos
Timestamp Free: 2018.11.12 - 21:48:44
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Britannia Range
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 700m
Participants: Paul Kubik, Wulf P, Andrew W, Francis St P, Dave R, Blair M, Anya, Natasha S, Ian M, Bruce C
Difficulty: 1: As you like it.
BCMC-organized trail clearing trip on Lions Trail
I thought it might be instructive for the hoi-polloi to see what us Coasties are up against down here in the rainforest. The Lions Trail is a well-known classic climb for the masses. Last winter combined heavy windstorms and snow load brought down a large patch of coastal giants. Once a small opening is created in the forest canopy natural forces tend to expand it mercilessly. A closed canopy acts to the benefit of all the trees in the forest by buffering the effects of destructive windstorms. Just like humans, without stress on the organism the trees become decadent and weak. The loss of one or two trees is all that it takes to expose the whole community to destruction.

The section of trail we worked on is about fifteen to twenty minutes above the Harvey Creek footbridge on a steep sidehill approximately 35-degrees in angle. The trail was originally constructed by that giant of a man, Paul Binkert and a large number of BCMC volunteers. It was a well-constructed trail with many long switchbacks to prevent trail erosion. During last winter's storms a couple of switchbacks were annihilated by blowdown. This led to extensive shortcutting by hikers as essentially the trail was obliterated. The trail at the switchbacks has now been restored - for now.

Photos by Wulf. Great work party with lots of enthusiasm. Kind of a wet day with near constant light rain. [photo]Blowdown1.jpg[caption]Root ball on trail.[/photo]

[photo]Progress1.jpg[caption]24-inch chainsaw.[/photo]

[photo]Progress2.jpg[caption]Trail re-routed.[/photo]

[photo]Restored1.jpg[caption]Trail restored. Note seep on trail and raised rock as barrier.[/photo]

[photo]Restored2.jpg[caption]Root ball - restoration in progress.[/photo]

[photo]Restored3.jpg[caption]Good as new - for...

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