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An August Ascent of the Two Summits of Poboktan Mountain
Timestamp Free: 2019.07.16 - 05:21:31
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / Canadian Rockies / Continental Ranges / Front Ranges
  (3 days)     Elevation Gain: 1782m
Participants: Mardy Roberts, Rick Collier
Difficulty: 1: Very easy -- backpacking, followed by easy bushwhacking, meadows, and scree . . . no scrambling, no exposure
This report recounts a straightforward climb of the two summits of Poboktan on a rare pristine day in August
On August 5, Mardy and I hiked up Poboktan Creek from the trailhead (GR 699110 on 83 C/6). For those of you who have not traversed this section of the mountain parks, it's probably worth noting that the trail is steadily, but, for the most part, gently uphill most of the way to Waterfalls campground; primarily in trees, the first section along Poboktan Creek does from time to time provide some fine views of the white-water stream, and, as you near the intersection with the Maligne Pass trail (GR 754129), occasional glimpses of Poboktan Peak to the SE (See Poboktan1). It's about 6.5 km (2 hrs) to this intersection.

More uphill along Poboktan Creek, some it fairly stiff when hauling an overnight pack, then through forest and the occasional open section, and in about 5.5 km (2 hrs) one arrives at Waterfalls Campground (GR 795105), about 12 km from the trailhead and with an elevation gain of some 850'. I had heard vague rumours that Waterfalls was a fantastic place to camp, and in this expectation we were not disappointed - it really is a delightful spot for a camp: Poboktan Creek makes a turn around an intervening ridge at this point and then drops about a hundred feet in several channels and cascades, with some of the streams spurting out from the rocks and others entwining and then separating. Martin Godwyn's photo certainly shows the beauty of these waterfalls to good effect: See Waterfalls.

There is also a 250' series of falls and cascades - quite spectacular -- just NE of the campground, which one can easily walk up to. It is also certainly worth a visit. The campground itself is one of the more lavish of the backcountry sites - not only are there a number of flat tenting spots, there are also several sturdy picnic tables...

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