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Climbs in the Neighbourhood of Tanglefoot Lake (Fisher and Patmore)
Timestamp Free: 2019.10.20 - 05:12:26
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / Canadian Rockies / Continental Ranges / Kootenay Ranges / Hughes Range
  (4 days)
Participants: Rick Collier, Mardy Roberts
Difficulty: 4: Lots of high end scrambling with serious exposure on the traverse to Fisher over Black Rock Ridge. More moderate but still serious conditions on Patmore
This report provides details of climbs of three peaks in the immediate vicinity of Tanglefoot Lake -- Mts. Black Rock, Fisher, and Patmore
Mardy and I hummed along the Radium highway in my son's huge gas-guzzling Toyota Tundra (the only vehicle I could get my hands on which I felt was capable of handling the roads we would need to negotiate), heading for the Cranbrook-Ft. Steele area. Our goals were similar, but not identical: Mardy wanted to visit the gorgeous alpine meadows that Bill Hurst had introduced me to last year when we climbed the Steeples; I wanted to attempt the three named peaks in the general area of Tanglefoot Lake - Black Ridge, Fisher, and Patmore.
  We both got what we bargained for. And a bit more.

Good maps and the Roadbook to the Eastern Kootnays, gets one onto the highway from Fort Steele to Norbury Lake Provincial Park; 2.6 km E & SE of the 93/95 turn-off in FS, you turn left (NE) onto the old Maus (or sometimes Mause) Creek mining road; in the first little ways there are several branchings (0.4 km, then left again; another 1.8 km and the the right-hand branch at a split; another 1.1 km and stay left at a split). Confusing as this may sound, but the route up Maus is well marked with signposts and fairly straight-forward.

However, once out of the benchland farms, the condition of the track degenerates considerably and is mostly single lane (best to travel uphill in the morning and down in the late afternoon). After 10.5 km of heaving and swaying, you come to the small pull-out for the trail up Mount Fisher - this trail is well-worn and obvious (we saw people on Fisher all three of the days we were in the area), rising over 5-6 km for something in excess of 4000'.

But we were not to be tempted by anything as pusillanimous as a well-worn trail. No siree, no cheatin'. So we heaved and swayed for another 2.5 km (about 13 km altogether) to the parking area for the track to the...

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