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Garibaldi Lake - Brohm Ridge Traverse
Timestamp Free: 2019.08.24 - 11:22:18
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Garibaldi Ranges
  (2 days)     Elevation Gain: 1800m
Participants: Betsy Waddington, Laurent Mingo, Robin Tivy
Difficulty: 3: Mostly high speed trail, Mount Price trail is difficult walking in places where you climb over lava flow boulders. Descent from Price is easy walking in meadow and old growth, easy fording of Culliton Creek. Getting onto Brohm ridge one iceaxe would be handy on frozen snow. Final connect with Swift Creek very difficult bush.
Hiking traverse from Garibaldi Lake over Mount Price, down into Warren Meadows then up to Brohm Ridge and out.
We discovered this spectacular traverse by accident, so I thought I should do a first class writeup, in order that you can give it a try yourself. The traverse goes from Garibaldi Lake, over the top of Mount Price, then across the upper meadows of Culliton Creek ("Warren Meadows") and up to Brohm Ridge and then out via Swift Creek. We did the traverse with perfect weather on Sunday and Monday at the end of September. Our original plan was just to do a simple two day trip up Mount Price and then hike back out the same way. However, when we got to the top of Price, we decided it would be more interesting to continue down the other side and over to Brohm ridge and out.

The other thing I was experimenting with was a better format for keeping my "black book" of field notes. See Format for Field Notes. We even went to the trouble of learning how to use the little microphones that have always been in our cameras, to record comments on the photos.

We met Laurent at the church parking lot in North Vancouver, Sunday morning. Here we dumped my car, and all three of us got into his new 1996 Subaru Outback and cruised up to the Garibaldi Lake parking lot. When we got to Garibaldi, there were more than 50 cars in the parking lot, due to a running event across from Helm meadows. In order to get a two day parking receipt, we were forced to also pay for camping. We got underway at 9:48 AM. As we went up the trail we had to continuously jump to one side as runners came the other way. However eventually the downward runners stopped, and we reached the lake at 12:36 PM. We had lunch on a beach near the outlet. There were lots of people concentrated in and around the camping area.

After lunch, we set out for Mount Price. It was nice to leave the crowds behind. Betsy and...

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