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Kayak accessed skitour of the Whitemantle Range
Timestamp Free: 2021.01.22 - 21:38:48
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (29 days)     Elevation Gain: 5700m
Participants: Christian Veenstra, Stephen Mullen, Madeleine Martin-Preney, Line Veenstra
Difficulty: 4: Kayaking long distances with few beaches. Strong winds increase risk of capsizing. Skiing narrow steep ridges with large cornices. Avalanche slopes often have runouts approaching sea level. At least one rappel over a cornice is likely required.
A skitour of the Whitemantle range with kayak approach via Bute Inlet. Ski along House, Cumsack, Brig SE3, and Brig before reaching the 'standard' line down the main divide. Exit via Brew Creek.
Transcribed from VOCJ 51 (published April 2009)

Two years ago, I hopped in a kayak with over 30 days of food and all the mountaineering gear I owned (much of which I'd purchased simply for the trip). Although a failure from a mountaineering perspective (see Escape from Knight Inlet, VOCJ 49) this trip opened my eyes to a world of possibilities. And so, in late April 2008, I found myself putting the finishing touches on a homemade ski-drybag and making final preparations for a kayak-access skitour along with Steve (Muffin) Mullen, Madeleine Martin-Preney and Line Christiansen (now my wife). The plan was similar - kayak with all our food and ski gear up Bute Inlet from Quadra Island, leave the kayaks and some food at the logging camp by the Homathko River, do a loop on skis, then kayak home.

The Beginning
No matter how early you start there are always last-minute preparations, and this trip was no different. After a day of packing and last minute sewing alterations to our gear we rammed everything into my car (an old Toyota Camry purchased specifically for this trip, for the princely sum of $250. Although the passenger side door still doesn't open it somehow passed aircare is still running almost a year later) and Steve's truck (an old Land Cruser, where the passengers wear hearing protection). In the pouring rain we narrowly made it to the ferry terminal, and pulled into Steve's grandparents place on The Island in the middle of the night. Not much sleep later we were racing across The Island, again narrowly making a ferry - the first of the day towards Quadra. After picking up the second kayak from some friends of Madeleine's and a three hour packing job later we pushed off from Rebecca Spit with kayaks loaded to the gunnels.

[h2]The Kayak...

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