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Big Dog from the North
Timestamp Free: 2020.09.23 - 06:50:56
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Chilcotin Ranges
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 1000m
Participants: Klaus Haring
Difficulty: 2: Easy scrambling and bush whacking
An approach to Big Dog from the upper Yalakom / Poison Mt. loop road
Camping at Beaverdam Creek I had planned to hike up 5Mile ridge, but as I drove along the Yalakom River road I could not decide where to start and went on looking for other objectives. At about km81 the road forks, both branches marked "deactivated". I first headed towards Poison Mountain, but soon saw some attractive green meadows and snowpatches to the SW while above me were only huge clearcuts. So I turned around and took the other fork. Immediately I was faced with huge waterbars. However I was able to drive right through them with my Suzuki Sidekick Sport in 2WD. Bigger trucks might have had more difficulties. After a few 100m an other road branched south and I parked, thinking I might make a loop hike returning to the main road further west. I had hoped my branch would go a long way into the forest, but it ended after barely a km in a large clearcut which looked very clean from the distance. However close up the ground was paved with spindly logs, bristling with small, sharp branches and was rather unpleasant walking. So I took the shortest route, horizontally to the edge. There I began traversing uphill and soon found a jeep road that continued in the direction I wanted to go, although it first lost a bit elevation it soon climbed to a ridge top from where I had my first views of the whole northern expanse of Big Dog from the North beyond a sea of undulating forest.

It had taken me only about half an hour to here, so I thought Big Dog might be within range. Immediately the road dropped steeply into the deep valley in front of me and I lost 100m elevation. At the bottom there was an improbably tight switch back where no larger truck could have turned around. I did not follow the road further, crossed a small creek and began climbing through...

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