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Big Interior to Nine Peaks- A Spring Ski
Timestamp Free: 2020.02.27 - 17:12:56
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Insular Mountains / Vancouver Island Ranges
  (3 days)     Elevation Gain: 2400m
Participants: Dave Campbell, Rick Hudson, Marten Hoffmann, Charles Turner
Difficulty: 3: On skis in the spring is the way to go. Not too many difficulties. Some icy conditions early morning on the ascent of Big Interior. Short scramble to the top of Nine Peaks
An Alpine Club of Canada-Vancouver Island Section trip from Bedwell Lake, over Big Interior Mountain and back to Nine Peaks.
The trip back to Nine Peaks is described in Philip Stone's Island Alpine Guide as being one of the top ten ski tour destinations on the Island. Hearing other trip reports to the peak suggested that ascending Nine Peaks becomes more problematic as the season goes as a moat/bergshrund develops on the final gully up the peak. I was keen to get back into Nine Peaks, and thought that late spring would be a great time to go and get some late season skiing in. I posted a trip on the club schedule, and another 3 intrepid adventurers signed up.

The road up to the Bedwell trailhead is steep and a little rough. A section of the road was washed out in 2007, but was fixed up for this year. The route up to Bedwell Lake is a highway in the summer, but earlier in the year snow can obscure the route. We encountered snow fairly near the trailhead. A kilometer or so in we made a critical routefinding error when we missed where the trail veered off and worked its way through some steeper terrain. Instead we found ourselves contouring too close to the creek. The other guys in the party had been up to Bedwell several times before and noticed that we were off-route. Despite only being one or two hundred meters off, it took quite a while to work our way back to the trail, and doing so involved some precarious scrambling and pulling our way on roots up a wet, slick bluff.

Back en route, the trail had quite a lot of blowdown from the previous year. Above a section of bridges the route gets a little steeper, but we were able to work our way through bluffs to get up to Baby Bedwell Lake. Here we put skiis on and skied across Baby Bedwell and Bedwell Lake.

From Bedwell Lake we skirted past the campsite, and headed over to a bowl/valley that drops down from the north side of Big Interior...

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