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Metal Dome Ski (again from Callaghan Valley)
Timestamp Free: 2018.11.12 - 21:30:38
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (1 days)
Participants: Grant Bullington, Stacha Duflo, Martin Gascuel, Silke Gumplinger, Greg Stoltmann, Phillipa Wall, Guy Wigham, Peter Gumplinger (organizer and reporter)
Difficulty: 2:
Ski trip down Metal Dome Glacier starting and ending in Callaghan Creek valley.
The four BCMC club members on this trip agreed. Metal Dome by this new route, opened up this year by the changed realities in Gallaghan Valley, ranks as the superior day ski trip from Vancouver. We considered the amount of driving involved, the relative short time required for the outing, the length of time spent on logging roads (only about 50 minutes), the type of skiing accessed (what is a popular heli-slope), the relative open forest and the stellar alpine feel of the route above tree line. We did not hear any snow machines, although there were many turning off with us at the highway. From the summit, we only saw two in the distance in Brandywine Valley. No tracks of theirs on the summit and no recent evidence of heli-skiers either.

We were off on a maze of logging roads by about 9:30 am. I was well informed about the access thanks to fresh information on We proceeded to the terminus of Callaghan West FSR above an open meadow containing two small ponds. Beyond the edge of the logging slash is a creek. This creek flows from the North Glacier of Metal Dome. It is best crossed no higher than road's end. Once on the NW side of the creek it is easy to find a line of ascent parallel to it. Parties climbing the near side reportedly found themselves tempted to veer off SE up drainages of several small lakes in this tricky area of 'micro terrain'.

Greg had been here before. He approved of my choice of route as it avoids steeper wooded slopes and a head wall immediately below the glacier tongue by staying well to the NW. This deposited us painlessly onto a slight rise at tree line at 4500 feet, with great views of the route possibilities ahead. I believe it is possible from here (873-521 UTM NAD27c) to proceed toward Brandywine....

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