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Blue Steel Pose: Beverley Creek to Beverley Lake and Beyond
Timestamp Free: 2020.09.25 - 03:44:57
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 1000m
Participants: Krystil Koethler, Chris Michalak, Richard So, Scott Nelson, Matt Parisien
Difficulty: 3: steep tree skiing and one small avalanche slope
An exploratory ski trip up Beverley Creek to Beverley Lake from the new Olympic Nordic Center.
This was a day for the Photographers (Richard & Scott) and the Supermodels (Matt, Chris, Krystil).

We arrived at the Whistler Olympic Park at around 8am and headed for the Biathalon building parking lot. This in the farthest north parking lot and the closes to where we were going. We cruised past the Biathalon Range and then cut into the forest to drop down to the Madely creek loop trail and then north along that to the bridge over Beverley Creek. Here we put on skins and started climbing up a ridge west of Beverley Creek, since the map showed a nasty canyon in the creek higher up.

Navigation along the ridge was tricky, as there were many parallel draws that were not quite aligned with the direction we wanted to travel. We ended up too far left (west) on top of a ridge where we could get our bearings. After a correction to the east, we ended up at the lake in the middle of the ridge where we wanted to be. From here on, the navigation was much easier. We skied up past the top end of the lake and then over to Beverley Creek, which was a pleasant if flat ski through nice open forest.

At 10:30 we stopped for a snack where Beverley Creek forks at 3800ft. This is the start of the long climb up to Beverley Lake. The climb turned out to be easier than expected. At first we trended right across the slope, staying at least a few hundred feet above the creek, until we can to a gully. I think this was the outflow from Beverley Lake. At this point we cut back left and crossed an avalanche slope to reach the steep forest on the other side near the top of the slope. The forest beyond the avalanche path turned out be easier than expected, as a bench took us up and left past the steepest parts. This led us farther left than we wanted, and we ended up having lunch at 12:30 on...

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