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Monarch Icefield Ski Traverse
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.03 - 16:00:29
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (17 days)
Participants: Brian Waddington, Betsy Waddington, Janet Pearson, John Pearson, Phil Hammer
Difficulty: 3: Long icefield traverse, pulling sled
Brian, Janet and John's last trip. Long icefield traverse, pulling sled with food. Some ferrying of loads.
I met Brian Waddington in the fall of 1983 while he was organizing the McGillvary Pass Christmas trip. Brian was enthusiastic and he loved being in the mountains, I liked him right away. I remember we had fairly nice, but unstable snow at McGillvary, so we did lots of skiing in the valley and in glades near the cabin. I was a beginner at this point, with Brian's coaching I think I managed to link about 13 turns by the end of the week. This was to be our first of many trips together. Over the next 13 years we completed numerous hiking, skiing, and paddling trips around southwestern BC and travelled the world together in search of new mountains to explore.

We met Janet Noakes and John Pearson through the BC mountaineering club. We did several day and weekend trips with them, and always looked forward to talking to them at the socials. Their enthusiasm, good humour, patience and the interest they took in everyone they met made them excellent trip partners. Both Brian and I were really looking forward to doing a longer trip with them. We started discussing trip ideas in the fall at a film festival and settled on a horseshoe around the Talchako River in the Monarch area because this was a three - week trip we could do without air support, a concept we were all liked. With a couple of short carries, we would be able to pull sleds from the trailhead allowing us to carry 3 weeks worth of food.

Phil Hammer a friend from the geophysics department joined us so we had five people for the trip. We left Vancouver on May 4th and drove to Tatla Lake the first day. After breakfast in Anahim Lake on May 5th we placed one car at our exit point at the Hunlen Falls trail head on the Atnarko River and then drove up the Nusatsum Road until were stopped by snow about 4 km from the Ape...

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