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The Great Garibaldi Traverse - Part 2
Timestamp Free: 2020.05.25 - 03:15:14
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Garibaldi Ranges
  (16 days)
Participants: Peter Alig, Klaus Haring
Difficulty: 4: Very strenuous backpack with extensive glacier travel, moderately difficult rock climbing and bushwhacking.
A traverse from Wedgemount to Alouette Lake climbing some of the highest peaks along the way.
For the first nine days of this epic traverse, see The Great Garibaldi Park Traverse - Part 1.

[photo]gt6s.jpg [caption]Peter looking across Misty Icefields towards Nimbus Peak[/photo]

Day 10
After realizing that we might have dawdled too much on the first third of our trip (distance wise) we decide we have to concentrate on reaching our end point. We climb fairly easy rock and snow slopes west of the ridge that rises south of the causeway, then bypass the last rock outcrop to the east and head straight for Snowcap Peak over a quite crevasse free neve. We leave our packs in a shallow saddle and proceed to the summit from where we have spectacular views of Mamquam Massif from the East across the over 2000m deep valley of the Pitt River. The peak drops off steeply on the south side and I was worried the slopes might be icefalls like on the SE side of Garibaldi, but from our saddle we can follow mostly easy snow slopes.

We make lunch on bare rock at the edge of the flat Misty Icefield. As usual we cook a soup. This is an important part of our diet since we figured we could not carry enough normal lunch fixings. Crossing the Misty Icefield in the afternoon heat is a trudge across meter wide and almost as deep sun cups. I dreamt that people from a low flying plane threw us some fruit. The fantasy became so real, I thought we should save the orange peels and boil them up with our limited supply of marmalade to stretch it. I cant remember any planes coming close to us and now I realize that had any fruit not landed very close to us we might never have found them in the deep sun cups.

On the south side of the icefields we traverse to a saddle above the Stave Glacier. The plan was to descend a diagonal ridge to the glacier and follow...

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