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A Southern Selkirk Haute Route
Timestamp Free: 2021.01.15 - 09:47:12
Ranges: North America Ranges / Columbia Mountains / Selkirk Mountains / Duncan Ranges / Deville Ranges / Sugarloaf Group
  (9 days)
Participants: Darek Glowacki, Aaron Chance, Jeff Volp, Dave Sproule, Greg Hill, Ian Bissonette, and Chris Delworth.
Difficulty: 5: A long, semi-expedition style trip. Some fairly steep and technical terrain to negotiate on skis, with much glacier travel. Ski crampons used extensively. Two 20m rappels. Ice axe and possibly boot crampons required for peak ascents. Much of the route traverses avalanche terrain, requiring solid terrain and snowpack skills.
A high-level ski traverse between the Battle Range and Rogers Pass in the Selkirk Mountains, including a variation finish to the standard Bugaboos to Rogers Pass traverse.
This is a trip report describing a high-level ski traverse through a spectacular portion of the Southern Selkirk Mountains, from the Battle Range to Rogers Pass. We made ascents and ski descents of several peaks along the way, and finished it off with an unknown variation to the standard Bugaboos to Rogers Pass traverse.

Here is a photo of the [px]DevillePanorama.jpg[c] Southern Selkirks from the West[/px], showing the major peaks along the traverse route. I took this photo while flying my paraglider at 3400m above Mt Revelstoke National Park on June 24th, 2006.

Our party consisted of two separate groups who started at different places and then met up about halfway through the trip to finish it off together. I will only describe the terrain that I covered, and will not include much info on the portion of the route that 'team A' traveled in the Purcells or their variations in the Selkirks.

Day 1, April 19 - Nemo Group
Aaron, Darek, and I arrived at the Revelstoke Airport bright and early for our flight to the Battle Range. It was a clear morning, and the first really nice day after a week or so of cold stormy weather. Our sunrise flight over the Selkirks was beautiful, and had us craning our necks trying to keep our bearings in this sea of wild peaks and valleys. Fracture lines were everywhere, evidence of the large avalanche cycle that had occurred over the previous few days of heavy winds and snowfall - we couldn't help but think of our 4 friends who had spent the past few days battling these tough conditions on the Purcell Mountain portion of the Bugaboos to Rogers Pass traverse. They had left the Bugaboo lodge 4 days before we began our trip, with the plan being to meet up on the Nemo Glacier in the Battle Range on April 19th and finish the...

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