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Brandywine - Fee Circumnavigation (Autumn)
Timestamp Free: 2020.03.29 - 06:28:15
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (2 days)
Participants: Betsy Waddington, Robin Tivy, Wolf Tivy, Gwenn Flowers, Laurent Mingo, Greg Stoltmann, Linda Bily
Difficulty: 3: Some bushwhacking, one steep scrambling pitch
An autumn ramble over Brandywine mountain and around the west side of Mount Fee and back via the SE ridge of Fee.
We are always looking for something new to do that is not a big drive from Vancouver. This trip is ideal. It is a loop where you come right back to your car via a totally different route. The road approach can be done with any car, even a front wheel drive. Brandywine Mountain itself is a frequent day trip these days, with 4 or 5 parties every weekend, many of whom must access the trail from the upper Brandywine spur. But once you get beyond Brandywine, you are on your own. A loop around the west side of Mount Fee used to be quite common as part of the "Powder Cap" ski traverse, before the snowmobiles made the area unbearable for self-propelled travelers in winter. But in the fall, you'll meet no machines.

From Vancouver, we drove up highway 99, and turned off onto the Brandywine FSR. We drove past the snowmobile rental facility, with rows of snowmobiles waiting for winter, and up the hill. We parked both cars in a small parking spot just past the junction with the Brandywine meadows spur at 2600'. This spot is just before (east of) the start of the old Brandywine trail. We then hiked up the road to the beginning of the Brandywine trail. The trail was in good shape and we hiked quickly up through the woods, and quickly reached the upper clear cut. We had lunch on a big rock beside the trail.

After lunch we continued on the trail, across the dry Brandywine meadows and started the long climb up to Brandywine mountain. Just before the summit of Brandwine, we dumped our packs and scrambled up the easy gulleys to the summit. The route up Brandywine is straightforward, one gains the southeast ridge at 6700' just above the sharp part on the map, (see waypoints), then continue up the ridge to the flat area west of the summit, just above 7000'. Here we dropped...

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