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The Long Way to Mount Brew - Lillooet Ranges
Timestamp Free: 2018.10.19 - 15:24:00
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Lillooet Ranges / Brew-Siwhe Group
  (3 days)
Participants: Benoit Landry class 2. total elevation gain over 2500m. Much talus and scree and some logging roads.
Brew's south ridge hiked from the molybdenite creek road.
Mellow, rounded mountain tops, steep rubbly North faces, dilapidated, rubble-strewn, ATV-only logging roads: Welcome to the mountains of Lillooet.

Mount Brew is a familiar sight to all who travel from Lillooet to Pemberton on highway 99. At nearly 2900 meters high, it's also visible from just about every major summit on the Duffey Lake corridor, and many farther away. All routes up mount Brew involve long distances and considerable elevation gain. The South ridge is one of the technically easiest on the mountain, but still took me 17 hours round trip to complete and over 2500 meters of elevation gain on foot, 900 more on my ATV. whew!

The fun began a few weeks earlier, when I foolishly thought I could ride my quad to 2500m on the molybdenite creek road, and bag brew in a day via the south ridge. My weak plan had several flaws: first, small ATV+heavy load+rock slide+steep slopes = no deal. Second of all, even if I did make it there, the route along the 6 intervening summits was too long for me to complete in a day (I'm allergic to alpine starts - I.E lazy bastard) while still having enough time to ride down and drive back to Vancouver. So that day, rear wheels spinning madly at a paltry 1268m on the molybdenite main road, I muscled my little quad around and headed down, to later explore the enterprise creek system and the approach to the large 9000 footers of Downton Creek.

Fast forward a few weeks. This time, I came prepared for an all-out assault. Enough clothing to survive a winter night in the East, 3 days time, and enough food for 2 hungry people. If Brew was to win again this week-end, it would have to put up a solid fight.

Day 1
On Saturday I left Vancouver late as usual. I always try to leave on Friday nights and sleep at the trailhead,...

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