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Mount Truax via SW slopes
Timestamp Free: 2018.12.09 - 17:33:00
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Bendor Range
  (2 days)
Participants: Benoit Landry Class 2
Approach through the upper Truax Creek Valley and camp near the head of the valley. Easy Hike/scramble up the S slopes of head of the valley, then up the West slopes to the summit.
I woke up around 10 at the Gun Creek campground but wasn't under way until 11:00. Breakfast is long and drawn-out on vacations, especially when you've scored a big peak the day before. In Gold bridge I supported the local businesses by fueling up both my machines and buying a $20 jug of engine coolant. ouch! I then headed up the old road past Minto City and towards the truax creek road. The part of this road that borders Carpenter lake is rather perilous and scary. The slope below the road drops very steeply down to the lake, although it's not very high above it, the road is narrow and has many blind turns. I was relieved to find a large gravel pullout that seemed somewhat stable, parked and pulled out the ATV.

I geared up and drove up the initial portions of the road. LOTS of scat (which at the time I couldn't identify) had me worried, but by the time I entered the upper valley I understood why there weren't any berries in the scat: three horses and two goats were grazing by the road. It was an interesting encounter; the goats would hide behind the horses; when I stopped, they would come out to investigate, only to return to their hiding spot when I moved again. As I passed by they moved so they were always behind a horse. With my mind more at ease I continued up the valley, getting intermittent glimpses at the hulking mass of mount truax to the South. At one point I noticed footprints on the road, and thought that I might encounter another hiker. I stopped at one point to take a picture, and noticed that the footsteps had been left, in fact, by a bear, specifically a small grizzly. The gas station employee in Gold Bridge had warned me about grizzlies in the area; and at this point I became more vigilant, ready to power-slide 180 degrees and put the throttle to the...

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