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Froze to Death Plateau - Attempt on Granite Peak
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.09 - 17:33:34
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / US Rockies / Wyoming Rockies / Absaroka Range
  (12 days)
Participants: Klaus Haring, John Raich and 5 Colorado climbers Hiking, scrambling to class 3 bouldering
Exploring the Beartooth Mountains in southern Montana with an attempt on Granite Peak.
The Beartooth Mountains are a large complex of granite peaks. Originally there probably was a huge undulating plateau later cut up by deep, steepsided valleys. Many peaks are still somewhat flat topped or lie on the edge of small plateaus, the Froze to Death being one of the biggestand highest. Granite Peak is one of the few that is precipitous and difficult on all sides. The main object of the trip was to climb Granite Peak, the highest mountain in Montana, but unfortunately I was not feeling very well that morning and the others were very keen and climbed unroped, so I did not follow the last most difficult 150m. It was very disappointing, but I consoled myself with climbing Tempest Mountain. The Froze to Death Plateau rises gradually like in the photo below to its summit and is an easy walk . Only on top there is a huge, rectangular boulder, maybe 5m long, of pink granite, while all rocks and mountains around are various shades of gray.

[photo]granit.jpg[caption]Sunrise on the Froze to Death Plateau, Granite Pk at the left[/photo]

Hiking and camping at 3500m on the Froze to Death Plateau was an experience too. There were the white gentians and tame mountain goats as shown in the next two photos.

[photo]gentian.jpg[caption]White gentians on Froze To Death Plateau[/photo]

[photo]goats.jpg[caption]Our camp on the Froze to Death Plateau, with tame mountain goats[/photo]

The goats seem to have learned that human urine contained salt and they follow you expectantly when you walk away from camp. This is quite amusing when just walking, but somewhat unsettling when they watch intently as you are peeing. They then lick the grass or scrape away the soil and eat it.

I then explored Beartooth Pass on the border with...

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