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Scrambled on Mount Alpha - Lake Lovelywater
Timestamp Free: 2020.02.21 - 09:50:11
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (3 days)
Participants: Johanna Hansen, Ivan Robin, Tom Tiedje
A climb of Mt. Alpha during which we learned the meaning of the word "scramble" in the climbing context.
This trip started off with the usual problem when you are headed for the Lake Lovely Water provincial park. How to cross the Squamish River? We came prepared with a canoe and a bicycle. The idea was to use the bicycle to move the car off the reserve where it didn't belong, after we had dropped the canoe at the cable car crossing. We were surprised to discover that the access road was now someone's driveway and there was a heavy chain across. Finding no one home we carried the canoe through this person's front yard to the river. Although we could have taken the chain down and driven the car through we were conscious of the fact that we were trespassing on someone else's land. Imagine taking the gate apart on one of those mansions on Belmont Drive and carrying your canoe through to the next property? It was so much work to get the canoe to the river that we abandoned our idealized notions of property rights and left the car parked on the powerline right of way. If BC hydro can park their towers there maybe it would OK to leave our car for a couple of days. Besides my 15 year old car is only worth $300.

We declined an offer from a passing power boat to take us across the river, after all we had our own canoe. The next step in our trip was a long climb uphill through beautiful forest to the lake. At Lake Lovely Water we met a group of yahoos who were having a stag party. We are grateful to them for the feeling of self-satisfaction that we experienced when we learned that they had come by airplane.

The next morning we started off early for the west ridge of Alpha. I remembered from an earlier trip (much earlier) that it was easy. Somewhere above Lambda Lk, Johanna pulled out her tattered copy of "Scrambles in Southwest BC" by Matt Gunn. I had always wondered what...

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