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Summit attempt of Mount Perseus
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.11 - 20:35:20
Ranges: North America Ranges / Columbia Mountains / Quesnel Highland
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 1720m
Participants: Heather D. and Wade T.
Difficulty: 4: Difficult. No trail. Uneven ground. Ridgeline trek requiring a lot of concentration.
In the middle of summer 2004, my friend Heather and I attempted to climb to the top of Mount Perseus.
We attempted the summit during a solid high pressure period. We parked approximately 12kilometers up the Mckay River FSR. We bushwacking the first 300 meters through a logged block to an old in-block logging road (partially grown in with alder). From there we followed the road for about a kilometer. We proceeded to bushwack straight up through an old burn (slope averaged 65%). This was slow, as we had to navigate the windthrown burned timber amongst 5 foot high fireweed and 10 foot high alder. The last 400 meters to the summit to the first unnamed peak was open alpine and quite easy trekking. From there we worked our way along the spine of interconnecting ridges towards Mount Perseus.

The ridgeline is showing clear signs of breaking apart. Small boulders became larger boulders and finally boulders the size of cars sit precariously atop the ridge. Route finding was challenging as one rock ledge would often dropped off to sheer cliffs below. The ridgeline is very technical requiring constant concentration. With much effort we managed to make it to the third of four heights of land that make up the last section of ridgeline. Mount Perseus is the highest and farthest east of the four. A 10 meter cliff dissects the ridgeline at this point and we were forced to go down as we had no ropes. It may be possible to work down the slope, traverse the talus slope around the south face and then proceed back up to the ridgeline and the top of Mt Perseus. We did not have the time or energy reserves left to attempt this option.

We had two options for the route back. Firstly, retrace our steps the same way we came. Secondly to make our way down the south face to Pegasus Creek below and walk the creek drainage back to the truck. From the ridgeline, the second option looked the most...

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