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Mt Shasta via the West Face
Timestamp Free: 2018.10.17 - 01:37:43
Ranges: North America Ranges / Great Basin Ranges
  (2 days)
Participants: Peter Malacarne, Dane Brinkley Class 3, steep slopes
This was a holiday guided climb with Shasta Mountain Guides. The West Face route is not normally climbed this late in the season.
A Mount Shasta Summit Pass is required, only available off site, along with a Mount Shasta Wilderness Use Permit available at the trailhead. A Waste Disposal System is in effect on the mountain and climbers are required to pack out human body waste. Pack out bags are available at the trailhead, as is a specially marked dumpster for disposing of the used kits. Note: an 11x14 paper target (bulls eye scores 10) is supplied in the Pack out bag kit.

We got started about noon, there was no need to start earlier, the climb to the Hidden Valley camp is a very easy approximately 3-hour hike. Starting at the Bunny Flats parking lot, about 6900 feet, follow the well marked, dusty, gritty and nicely graded trail (Shasta Mountain Freeway) to the Shasta Alpine Lodge(Horse Camp) at about 7900 feet. The lodge is a wonderful stone block building refitted with a metal roof. The Horse Camp has a history and it is worth checking out. Water from a spring is available at the camp and so is a composting pit toilet. The Hidden Valley trail takes off to the left(westerly) from behind the lodge, follow the flagging/path about 1.5 kilometers or 1 mile to the mouth of Hidden Valley at about 9200 feet. At Hidden Valley we set up camp, lounged around, had dinner and prepared for a 4:00 AM start the next morning. We got some rest with Mt Shasta clouded over.

With clear skies all around us, we silently ate breakfast, because the mountain was socked in with heavy dark, boiling clouds down to about the 12,500 feet. Like a grand opening at a play the clouds rapidly cleared as the clock rolled onto our start time of 4:00 AM, in less than 10 minutes the overcast on the mountain was gone.

Dane the guide for this climb put the summitting time to be about noon, about 8 hours to climb. This would be...

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