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Adam/Culbert Route (E Face of Atwell-Garibaldi Col, then W Face of Pyramid)
Timestamp Free: 2020.08.07 - 04:13:29
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Garibaldi Ranges
  (2 days)
Participants: Paul Adam, Dick Culbert Class 3 or 4, with rappell
This is a description that I put together after correspondance with Paul Adam, after he and Dick Culbert climbed the route in 2006.
From camp in Ring Creek, climb up to the col between the Diamond Glacier and Bishop Glacier (2160m), which is on the SE ridge of Atwell peak. Then diagional northwest about 300m below Atwell peak, and on the Bishop Glacier till you gain the Atwell-Garibaldi col (summit plateau) at 2520m. (see waypoints).

Once on the summit plateau, walk north and thru the Dalton-Garibaldi col, west of the summit pyramid. "Summit pyramid" refers to the last 80m of Mount Garibaldi. This summit pyramid is the most difficult, consisting of loose and very shattered rock. This is climbed by working your way past the peak and then going up a couloir to get onto the regular northwest ridge, and then going back south to the final summit. The coulior comes out 5-10 m below the summit, and less than 50 m NW of the summit.

Confusion of name of Route:
The ideal name of the route would somehow tell the reader that it diagionals northwest across the east face of the Atwell-Garibaldi ridge, goes through the Dalton-Garibaldi col WEST of the summit pyramid, then climbs the west face of the summit pyramid. The old guidebooks just called it the "East Face" route. But this name was often confused with the other route. It is particularily confusing because the final summit is climbed from the west. To avoid any further confusion, I hereby refer to it as the "Atwell-Garibaldi Col Route" or the Adam/Culbert route.

Here is the explanation as to why it was called "East Face". Paul Adam says: "The ascent from Ring Creek could be correctly described as being on the EAST FACE but SOUTH of the main summit. The face climbed actually faces east; it never acutally faces south, or any other direction but true east."

The original route description (called East Face) first...

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