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Ascent of East Face of Bident Mountain
Timestamp Free: 2020.08.03 - 08:59:36
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / Canadian Rockies / Continental Ranges / Park Ranges / Bow Range
  (1 days)
Participants: Allan Main, Chuck Young, Diane Schon
Difficulty: 5: mostly scrambling, a few rock moves to 5.4
From Moraine Lake Parking lot, ascending the E face, down SW couloir to the Boom Glacier remnant, returning via Consolation Pass.
We set out from the Moraine Lake parking lot at the gentle time of 05:30 and head up the trail towards Consolation Lakes. Barely five minutes into the trip, we stopped for some wonderful pictures of the sunrise on Deltaform Mountain peeking over top of the outflow moraine for the lake. Resuming our pace, one member of the party stumbled on the rough ground and crashed down, scraping hands, shins and breaking one eyeglass lens when it slammed into the bone at the outer edge of his eyebrow. Quickly checking out his vision (and noting the only a small drop of blood oozed through the skin), he declared himself 'OK' and produced a backup pair of glasses. The good news in all of this was that a) he was correct in that he seemed otherwise un-phased and b) the most serious injury of the day was over.

Our hike to Consolation Lake was otherwise uneventful, and we skirted the Lower Lake by rock hopping on the W side, and the Upper Lake via a faint trail on the E side. A long(ish) moraine was crossed on a trail which generally followed its crest on the E side, leading to a magnificent meadow festooned with a zillion wildflower, mostly paintbrush and seeded anemone. Great bear habitat. After a break there (three hours to that point) one of the party said he would not go farther, as he was short on sleep, and the remaining three headed for the rather steep looking Consolation Pass, using some remnant snow. We were heading for a promising snow finger that invited us onward, but as we approached we chose another scree chute that carried us directly to the Pass.

From the Pass, the views towards the Storm-Ball-Stanley group were not too shabby, but we turned our attention to the E face of Bident. It looked fairly complex and the questions of 'where to start' and 'where have...

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